The Civil Engineers Handbook on Building Construction

A Civil Engineer’s Handbook on Building Construction

A long time dream has come in reality through publishing this book.

The purpose behind creating the handbook was to reconfirm our working methods and methodology for sharing it with civil engineers and the people related with construction who will deliver the best product and achieve the aim of customer’s satisfaction.

The objective is to develop the reader’s mindset to face the changing reality of the world, to recognize and meet the new pace of the world without disturbing our endeavor of ‘Building Trust and Reliability’.

In view of the wide scope of ‘Building Construction Industry’, it was an intricate task of editing this handbook. The overwhelming response of civil engineers to participate in preparing this book, made our mission more fascinating and more challenging. A huge paper work, scripts, layouts, drawings, pictures, graphics, brochures, technical information, standards were sorted, handled, read, re-read, wrote and re-wrote and finally refined version of script was derived.

We have tried to convey the most scientific, economic procedures and methods of construction activities in this book. We expectantly look forward to get suggestions from the valuable readers. We are sure that the book will be a ready reckoner for every person working for building construction.

We are grateful to one and all that directly or indirectly contributed for preparing this handbook.



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